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"Our professionals lead by example rather than instruction and our clients make progress by leaps and bounds. Our imagination and creativity are the best tools we have when it comes to sharing our knowledge." professional on-site services provided throughout the US, targeting Phoenix Arizona, East Valley Area.

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Organizing Techniques
Get Organized Before Opening Your Business. How can I organize my paperwork? Home Office Organization. Organize piles and files.
Schedule your priorities and prioritize your schedule. Clutter Control. Save tax records and other important/similar documents. Things to do to improve time management. How do I "prioritize" when everything has to be done now?
Preparation for archiving documents. STOP Junk Mail from Credit reporting agency list. Are you working in a Culture That Promotes OVERLOAD?
Tips to getting and staying organized.
We also work with residential clients to organize entire homes, storage spaces and much more...


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The Ultimate Business Filing System**


Bonus- Included in your purchase

 "Vital Family Information"- This live document will help you to get the information, that is so vital to the operation of your household, out of your head and available to your loved ones.

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There is an infinite level of information and knowledge available to businesses today. These resources provide us all with exceptional opportunities and unlimited potential. But the sheer volume of information we must now process presents business challenges that were inconceivable only a few short years ago. That's where your investment in The Ultimate Filing System will pay off!

The Ultimate Filing System is a simple yet effective filing solution for your home or business. This computer-based indexing system will transform the paper and file-management processes you are currently using in your work or personal life.

Each system comes with detailed instructions, and a spreadsheet template containing everything you need to revamp your filing (for Microsoft Excel version 95 or higher). Simply print off the labels provided on your spreadsheet, set up hanging files for each major category and manila files for each interior subcategory -- and insert your paper. It's that easy -- the entire system has been set up for you!

The "residential" system includes 34 common household files broken into 8 categories -- as well as a "vital family info" log for tracking important personal information.

The "business" includes 37 common business files grouped into 14 main categories -- as well as a "vital business info" log for tracking details relevant to your work (log available separately, if you don't need the full filing system). Best of all, you also get the complete "residential" system included with your purchase of the "business" system -- making it the perfect filing solution for every area of life.

Either system provides you with strong foundation for the management of information and resources -- allowing you to keep paperwork under control and determine the location of any document within seconds. Great for organizing all kinds of business and personal paperwork...including:

  • financial and legal information

  • important contacts

  • property and insurance details

  • mortgage/lease and utility paperwork

  • clients, vendors, staff, and business contracts

  • equipment and appliance warranties

    Bonus- Included on your purchase

  • "Vital Business Information"- This live document will help you to get the information, that is so vital to the operation of your business, out of your head and available to your managing staff.

  • "Ultimate Residential Filing System"- This system is much like the Ultimate Filing System (for business) however the depth of information is a bit less and the formatting for the file labels is slightly different. Make your files readily available to your loved ones.

  • "Vital Family Information"- This live document will help you to get the information, that is so vital to the operation of your household, out of your head and available to your loved ones.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel-Office 95 version or higher.

  • Internet connection.

**Additional online software purchase is required in the amount of $25.00.

Recommended Supplies

  • Avery #5366 sheet labels.

  • Pendaflex Snap-On Tabs (1/3 cut tab) Order #DD43.

  • Hanging file folder tabs, 3.5-inch, clear plastic preferred.

  • Manila file folders (1/3 cut, assorted).

  • Pendaflex hanging files (box bottom preferred).

What the System Will Do For You

  • Quickly and easily organize your professional and/or personal filing systems.

  • Create labels for your files containing all information needed to file, find and manage paper flow consistently and easily.

  • Create a central location for your critical business and/or personal information.

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Sent via email, no refunds for e-mailed products.

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sent via email, no refunds for e-mailed products

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